The Bad Idea

Ace and his Bad Idea
Bad Idea

We’ve all been there

Well, not literally. But we’ve all had our fair share of bad ideas. I have worked on this idea for some time, and finally abandoned my traditional four-panel layout so I could get this one right.

Unlike other strips, this isn’t exactly inspired by my personal life. I can honestly say that I never had the desire to lay down spike strips on the street. Although I have had many bad ideas, intentional harm to via nails or metal spikes isn’t one of them.

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The Big Race

Ace runs the race of his life.

Some Races are Bigger than Others

Like many of my other posts, this is based on personal experience. I may or may not have run after a shaved ice truck in the past.

Everyone has their fundamental principles and one of mine is this: There are some things that I find are worth running for and one of them is the Shaved Ice truck.

Hope you enjoy the post. Sorry it has been a while since my last post, but life happens.

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Spring Training

Spring Training: Ace is training for the upcoming mud race.
Spring Training

Based on Experience with my spring training

It is nice to finally have some time to work on the comic strip again. If you follow my feed on twitter, you know that I finished completing a Spartan Race. It was tons of fun, but I quickly realized that I wasn’t ready for it—even though I have been running and exercising for the past four months. So, I’ve decided to take that experience and translate it into the strip. This is more closely based on personal experience than you may realize :)

By the way, if you are interested in doing a spartan race go here: I highly recommend it, and no I’m not getting paid to shill for the race.

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The Easter Bunny becomes batman
The Easter Bunny becomes batman

Just a quick random sketch that I did on my iPad. This is basically my answer to what would the Easter Bunny look like for Halloween.

I plan on uploading random sketches as a new category on this site going forward in between comic strips

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A comic about a scarecrow, bat, and alien.

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